The Shiva Hypothesis (fwd)

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 9 22:39:24 UTC 1998

I would like to thank Paliath Narendran for correcting me about the
origin of Petri nets and for providing the bibliography...I think that
the gentleman who I was refering to was Dr Thiagarajan and not
Balasubramaniam since the adds seems to match..I'm sorry for any
confusion that may have arisen out of this.

 I thank V.Rao Veluri for the correct derivation of Gangamycin
and would like to mention in the context of P.Cooper's comment that:
>I don't think this has been mentioned yet:
>The oldest rock formation in the Grand Canyon, which lies at the very
>bottom, is called Visnu Schist.

In the Grand Canyon, aren't there formations or mountains that have been
named after Vishnu and Brahma in addition to Siva? As usual, all
corrections are welcome.


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