An appeal to Indologists (Was Re: Indo-Aryan invasion)

Vaidix Vaidix at AOL.COM
Sun Mar 8 08:25:18 UTC 1998


In developing economies there is severe shortage of capital leading to neglect
of arts. With loss of royal patronage and the British instistance of
ICS/matriculation for jobs, Indian studies took a back seat irreversibly.

One must admit that the content of school education is a lot better than in US
(and possibly many other countries) in terms of general knowledge about world,
we could do some justice adding more Indian studies not requiring pass grades.
(There are already complaints of overload on students).  Or more state funding
for free classes on Indian arts and literature for interested students might
also help.  I remember there used to be a music teacher in our school who
taught Karnatic to a few girls who opted for it.

The talk of greedy people is out of place.  Such people are always there in
society greencards or no greencards.  A proportion of people in any society is
always born greedy and we can do nothing about it.  But a proportion of
population in "every" society  is always righteous, and concerned about upkeep
of the society, and these traits are visible from childhood!  Believe me.  It
is these people whom we must recognize early enough and train them in the
required subjects.

Now the same neglect of arts and culture might be happening in Russia after
fall of communist state.  Aerospace is being salvaged by the vested interests
who want the technology, but who cares about arts?

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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