The Shiva Hypothesis (fwd)

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Mar 7 18:03:29 UTC 1998

In connection with Prof Rampino's Shiva hypothesis, does anybody know
of instances of using "Indian"( all religions/languages/cultures
included) to describe any scientific phenomenon/discovery?

  I know that when Dmitri MEndeleev came up with his atomic table,
he  used the sanskrit word "eka"( one) to name  3 unknown elements(
whose properties he could predict but hadn't been discovered at the time
of his writing the paper)- namely Eka-Boron,Eka-Silicon and Eka-
Magnesium( think that the last is wrong, welcome corrections). The
reason for this I'm told is that MEndeleev had a lot of respect for
Indian culture and was determined to use the one and only word of
sanskrit he knew, namely "Eka".( a fanciful story probably:-)

  I'm interested only in things that were named after Indian phenomena,
as opposed to discoveries named after Indian scientists,
of which there are many ( i.e. Raman effect, Krishnan effect( named
after R.S.Krishnan), Karmarkar's algorithm( in Operations Research,
named after NArendra Karmarkar), Hoyle-Narlikar theory( astrophysics)
and Faulkner-Kamesam process( an alternate name for varnishing) are NOT
what I'm looking for).


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