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Please read S. Srinivasan as S. Swaminathan. In addition to not being a
linguist and a Thamizh Pulavar, I also obviously do not spell well  :-((((

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>>I am surprised that a non-brahmin from Madurai pronounced "taka" as "taga"
>>instead of something like "taha".
>This "surprise" is what my tamil teacher also felt. When I was in school I
>had a great Tamil teacher (Mr. S.Srinivasan who prided himself as being
>named after U.V. Swaminatha Iyer) who was a brahmin. He was most certain
>that those of us non-brahmins would not properly pronounce certain words in
>Thamizh (e.g., Pazham) and gave us a few words to pronounce. Lo and behold
>we could not only pronounce, but that was the way we spoke and he was taken
>aback, but had the graciousness to accept that he was mistaken.
>On another note re: pronouncing letters like "ca" as "sa" and the different
>forms of "ka" - is this not based on some grammatical rule? I clearly
>remember learning something to that effect in school, but am unable to
>recall the exact rule. This could also be found in a book called Thamizh
>Ilakkiya Varalaru which was part of our curriculum at University. If
>remembers this rule in Thamizh grammar, please enlighten me.
>I know Thamizh in Kanyakumari dt. is influenced by Malayalam, but there are
>certain words that are used in that part of Thamizh Nadu which are
>pronounced with no colloquialism, i.e., Thalaiyanai for Pillow whereas in
>the rest of Thamizh Nadu it is pronounced by all (including brhamins) as
>Thalahani. Is this a Malayalm influence or is it something else.
>On another note does anyone know how to nominate a teacher for Rajaji
>Is it possible to do that if the person is retired. I would like to
>Mr. Srinivasan, but am at a loss as to how. Any pointers would be
>I am not a Thamizh Pulavar or a linguist so pardon me if I sound too
>elementary :-)

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