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Dear Indian Language Lovers,

Scripts India is please to announce the release of their Indian Scripts
"enabler" software for Windows 95, called WinmASS LIPI.

The software enables multi-lingual capabilities  in products like Word,
Netscape, Eudora, Internet Explorer etc., enabling these application to sent
and receive information in Indian Languages.

Anyone familiar with the standard QWERTY keyboard will find it very easy to
type in the Indian Script of their choice, since most of the vowels and
consonents have been mapped phonetically to the QWERTY keys (with the
notable exception of  ~na; "na; .Ta; .Tha, .Da; .Dha; .Na, and
Malyalam/Tamil "zha").

The program also supports the automatic formation of conjunct characters.

The first release of the software supports the following scripts:

1.      Devanagari
2.      Gujarati
3.      Gurmukhi
4.      Malayalam
5.      Tamil

Roman input method is available for Tamil in this release. The next release
will have Roman input support for the other scripts (based on the Vethuis

The next release is planned with support for Assamesse/Bengali, Kannada and

The software is being retailed at US$99.00, inclusive of the above five scripts.

Those interested to receive more information on this product or to place an
order, please contact the undersigned.

Thanks & Regards...Das

Das Menon
Scripts India Pte Ltd
52 Chin Swee Road #05-00
Singapore 169875

email:  dmenon at

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