Indo-Aryan invasion

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Bh. Krishnamurti wrote:
>In my article 'Comparative Dravidian Sstudies since Current Trends 1969'
(In For
>Gordon Fairbanks, ed. by Veneeta z. Acson and Richard L. Leed,212-231.1985.
>Honolulu: Univ of Hawaii Press), I made the following observations on
>McAlpin's proposal of Proto-Elamo-Dravidian."...He compares 57 lexical items
>drawn from a corpus of 'about 5000 words' of Achaemenid Elamite (640 BC),
>and constructs phonological correspondences and a theory of relationship
>between Dravidian and Elamite. He even reconstructs Proto-Elamo-Dravidian
>(PED). Thhere are 47 correspondences or phonological rules which account for
>57 etymological groups .....

Thank you! This is what I needed. Since I do not know anything about
Dravidian languages, I must throw myself at the mercy of the specialists!

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