Indo-Aryan invasion

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Sun Mar 1 20:26:13 UTC 1998

Edwin Bryant wrote:

>George: do you really want to do this?

Apparently he does :)

>I know I'm going to be provoked into jumping in.

Good :)

After you folks are done discussing retroflexion and other alleged
Dravidian substratum influence, could you please turn your attention
to another argument for IE not to have been in India for "too long"
(which I was reminded of in an interesting email discussion) and
which is quite independant of the Dravidian influence question,
namely the relative lack of linguistic depth of the IA family.

In other others, that if IA represented the development in situ of
PIE we should notice in IA a linguistic diversity about equal
to the diversity noticed in the whole of the IE area outside India
combined, and that this is not the case. While somewhat impressionistic
and not easy to make completely rigorous (how do you measure
"linguistic depth" and "diversity"?), I think this point would
nonetheless also deserve some attention from you.

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