KaaThaka SaMhitaa typo

M. Dallas Reddick hschmidt at UCLA.EDU
Sun Mar 1 20:40:10 UTC 1998

According to my copies of the Sv.M. edition and von Schroeder's edition of
KS, the only correction to the passage should be yad vyatiSa^NgaM.  Nothing
is lurking behind your copy's blurred sections indicated by the asterisks.

Mona Reddick

>Could anyone with a copy of the KS possibly help me be sure of the
>following passage which is blurred in the copy I have of the
>Svaadhyaaya-MaNDala edition (1983), page 139, KS 14.6, second line (6th
>line on the page)--asterisks/*** mark the unsure bit:
> . . . . . paapmopazliSTo ***yadyatiSa^NgaM*** grahaan gRhNaatya^Ngaad
>[end of 6th line]....
>Many kind thanks in advance
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