Klaus Karttunen Kjkarttu at ELO.HELSINKI.FI
Mon Jun 29 11:34:10 UTC 1998

Dear Colleagues
DVN Sarma started this discussion with a quotation from the
ViSNupurANa. The same story, Sagara conquering the Haihayas and
TAlajanghas and excommunicating their allies, various Northwesterners
including the Yavanas and the Zakas, is found in many PurANas (and a
combined text in Kirfel). It is an interesting documents of Indian
ideas ahbout the Northwesterners (see also KarNa's rebuke of them in
the MahAbhArata), but the chronological context seems here to be
something like 0-500 CE and has thus nothing to do with the Vedic
Klaus Karttunen

P.S. I shall be away three weeks from now and cannot comment any
further discussion during that time.

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