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>>I am sorry to disappoint you, but Tvisto and Tvashtr have nothing to do with
>>each other. Tvisto means Twin (Yama), the first part of the word tvi- is the
>>same as skt. dvi-. As it happens, Germanic t usually corresponds to Skt. d.
>>(Skt. dh corresponds to Germanic d).
>But who was Tvashtr and what may the etymology of this word be?

Tvasht.r is the name used for the "builder" of the universe, in other words,
it is a name for the creator god. I haven't got any etymological
dictionaries here, and therefore I cannot offer a good explanation of the
form tvasht.r, but it means the same as tasht.r, which is based on the root
*tek- + the agent suffix -t.r (Greek -teer/-toor, Skt. -taa, -tar- t.r).
Tasht.r means the same as Greek tek-toon, which is based on a slightly
different suffix, -ton-/-toon. Meaning: "carpenter".

I leave it to others with a better library to throw more light on the form

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