Fwd: King Shahaji of Tanjore

Yigal Bronner yigal at MD2.VSNL.NET.IN
Sat Jun 27 07:05:44 UTC 1998

Thanks again to all who have responded to my query on Shahaji.
S. Krishna forwarded the following information to me:

I believe that the lineage is given in a book written in Marathi called
"kAvEri khoryAtIl yakSanagari" by P. SetumAdhava rAv, the well known
antropologist. This book in addition to discussing the lineage of the
Maratha dynasty of Tanjore also discusses the lineage of the
Jagirdar of Arni, whose ancestors also migrated from Maharashtra in the
17th century with the younger brother of Shivaji. I donot have access to
the book at this point of time, but the answer should appear there.

I wonder if any of the list's Marathi readers has access to the book.

Yigal Bronner.

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