One of Earliest excommunications from vedic religion

Sat Jun 27 17:05:05 UTC 1998

One of Earliest excommunications from vedic religion

>The following is a prose passage from Vishnu Purana (4.3.40-48)
>It describes how Vasishta excommunicated Sakas, Yavanas, Paradas,
>Pahlavas and others from the vedic religion. Unless you are in the
>the fold you cannnot be excommunicated. That means the Vedic religion
>was practiced by all these groups initially.

>Did such a pan-vedic religion exist? What can this contribute to our
>discussion of Aryan homeland.

The author of this section in the PuraaNa must have included
them in his own mind. ONLY, to excommunicate them later!

Does one of the reasons for excommunication have anything to do with
beef? Obviously, there is quite a bit of beef in the Vedic.
After Aryans (gently) intruded into India, they learnt to
avoid it wheras Yavanas, etal., continue comsuming.

Like systemic retroflexion, I believe the beef avoidance more due to
the local habits' catalytic effect than the internal independent development.
Even as late as in Classical Sangam texts, the great poet Kapilar,
a brahmin confesses to his relishing of meat dishes.
Kapilar may well predate VishupuraaNa by a 1000 years.

N. Ganesan

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