One of Earliest excommunications from vedic religion

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Sn Subrahmania wrote:
>What is also most interesting is Tacitus in the Germania states that the
>Germanic tribes in their ancient ballads trace their origin to
>Mannus(Manu) the son of god Tvisto (Tvastr)!!.
>Does anyone know which Manu was the son of Tvastr ? (5th or 6th??)

I am sorry to disappoint you, but Tvisto and Tvashtr have nothing to do with
each other. Tvisto means Twin (Yama), the first part of the word tvi- is the
same as skt. dvi-. As it happens, Germanic t usually corresponds to Skt. d.
(Skt. dh corresponds to Germanic d).

And Mannus - the words means "Man", and is still in use in various Germanic
languages, German "Mann", Scandinavian "mann" and English "man". Manu/Mannus
is part of the common Indo-European heritage.

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