Query: 11th World Sanskrit Congress in Turin?

Alberto Pelissero pelisser at CISI.UNITO.IT
Thu Jun 25 10:42:17 UTC 1998

As far as I know a proposal to organize the 11th IASS conference in Turin
came from the Ce.S.M.E.O. (via Cavour 17, 10123 Turin, ITALY, tel.
39+11+546564). I have no more information in detail at present. I suggest
anyone interested to contact directly the Ce.S.M.E.O.
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On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, John Smith wrote:

> I have had a message from Prof. Bhate in Pune asking whether I know
> anything about the 11th World Sanskrit Congress, which she says is to be
> held in Turin. I have not heard anything about this; there aren't any
> announcements on the Indology home page, and I can't find any reference in
> recent discussion either.
> Can anyone help?
> John Smith
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