Retroflex sounds

Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Tue Jun 23 21:55:51 UTC 1998

To Sandra van der Geer and Jakub Baltuch:

The following opinion is somebody's purvapaksha:

>>>Hock also seems inconsistent when he insists upon the relevance of
>>>retroflexion in Norwegian and Sicilian, etc.[where retroflexion seems
>>>allophonic rather than structural, as Jacob Baltuch has observed ],

This is my answer to the issue of retroflexion in Norwegian:

>>At the risk of repeating myself (I am not sure if I have commented upon this
>>before): retroflexion in spoken East Norwegian is not allophonic.
>Yes, you have commented upon this before, more than a month or two
>ago if I recall correctly, and I don't think I ever mentioned

I am sorry about my rotten memory. And you didn't mention Norwegian. The
other guy did. I'll try to get the name of the purvapaksha person in the future!

BTW, I know the difference between Sardinia and Sicily. Sardinia is the
island with Canunau (hope I got the phonetics of that word right).

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