King Shahaji of Tanjore

Yigal Bronner yigal at MD2.VSNL.NET.IN
Tue Jun 23 17:00:48 UTC 1998

Thanks to:
Vidyasankar Sundaresan, Devesh Soneji, Srini Pichumani, D. V. Narayana
Sarma, Ulrike Niklas and Dominik Wujastyk for very useful references on
I am very interested in the "MohinivilAca-KuRavanci", by the way, as I am
struggling with the single ms. of Kosalabhosaliya, a work which narrates
the life of Shahaji and that of Rama simultaneously. Perhaps it could
illuminate some of the issues relating to the Bhosala paksha.
So I'll contact you in Pondichery next month, Ulrike.
Best regards,

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