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Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Tue Jun 23 17:25:36 UTC 1998

Dermot Killingley asked why Messiaen named his symphony turaNgalIlA,
horse-play.  I don't know, but one meaning turaNgalIlA has is the "knight's
move" in chess, or "the knight's tour" in chess problems.  It is also used for
the order in which a particular mantra arranged on a yantra of 8 X 8, like a
chess board, ought to have the syllables read, in Damodara's
YantracintAmaNi.  Does it have the same meaning of a move of one square
in one direction and 2 in another in CitrakAvya?  I preparing to leave for a
week at Nag's Head with my family Friday night and am too busy with
things associated with the American Library Association convention here
in Washington to check.


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