Retroflex sounds

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal mcv at WXS.NL
Mon Jun 22 23:38:38 UTC 1998

Jacob Baltuch <jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE> wrote:

>> From a strictly phonetic point of view, a development ejective
>> (glottalized) -> retroflex is rather plausible.

My impression is that /t./ and /t'/ are rather similar in tehir
acoustic effect (articulation is very different).  I'm afraid I can't
confirm that with an authoritative quote.

>(Btw accoustically do glottalized and/or retroflexes have lower
>spectra than the corresponding non-glottalized and say dentals?
>Just wondering...)

According to Ladefoged ("A Course in Phonetics"), retroflex sounds
show a "general lowering of the third and fourth formants".
Unfortunately, no acoustic correlates are given for ejectives.

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