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You are, of course, right --- but you took my facetious statement too

On Sun, 21 Jun 1998, T.I. Console wrote:

> >and sound change change (depending on your RV,4000 -8000 BC!) well into
> >the stone age period, when even the word for dog/wolf were hardly
> >differentiated and when they had no copper, pottery, not to speak about
> >horses and chariots....

> dogs, and they made pottery. In addition, they had a lot of artefacts
> made of fire stone, other stones like calcareum, and of bones. They were
> not that barbarious. The same is true for the Paleolithicum (8.000 BC
> and older), except maybe for the pottery.

I should have been clearer:

(1) 8000 BC barely (!) dogs, no metals, and I think no pottery yet in S,
Asia:  For example no pottery in earliest Mehrgarh (6500 BC)

(As far as I remember, dogs make their entry as domesticated wolves by c.

(2) 4000 BC/PRE-INDUS :  no horses, chariots... little copper..

Bedankt voor de nauwkeurigkeid...
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