Meaning of samadhi

Margo Romberg mromberg at BINDU.PRESTEL.CO.UK
Sun Jun 21 11:52:19 UTC 1998

According to Feuerstein, The Philosophy of Classical Yoga, p. 85,the roots
of the word samadhi are sam (= with, together) + A + dhA (= to put, place)

I have also found another derivation in Swami Muktibodhananda's edition of
the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, p. 421, as sama (= equal) and dhi (=
"reflection", "to perceive").

I am a novice in sanskrit, but I can see that sam and sama are really the
same word, whereas dhA and dhi seem not to be the same.  I would be
grateful if someone with more knowledge if sanskrit could explain the
correct derivation.

Best wishes,
Margo von Romberg

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