Tampering with history

Nikhil Rao nrao at CAIP.RUTGERS.EDU
Sat Jun 20 15:09:27 UTC 1998

I read  a report in the Times of India, a few years, which said that some
scientists on the basis of genetic evidence had concluded that the
"Havyaka" brahmanas of coastal Karnataka had migrated from Anatolia around
10,000 years ago and that their genetical make up was a lot similar to
the Mukri tribe of the same region who had also migrated from the
Anatolian region around 40,000 years ago. has anyone on the list come
across such a study ?.

> both in Europe and elsewhere. As for South Asia, the genetic evidence would,
> according to Cavalli-Sforza, be compatible with a migration of people from
> Anatolia, which would imply that the Indo-Aryans spent some time in that
> area, and that Anatolians were part of the "genetic make-up" of the Aryans
> that entered Anatolia in the second millenium B.C.E.
> I do not have to prove anything of the sort. If the Aryans were a mixed lot
> of people, linguistically unified, but genetically diverse, and if there was
> a substantial component of Anatolians among them, there is no reason to
> doubt that there would be enough people to "fill up" parts of India with
> Indo-Aryans. Anyway, we have to define what "many" is supposed to mean.
> Since we do not have censuses for the period, we can only work on the basis
> of models. In other words, we must look at what happened in other places in
> the ancient world. And if we do, there is really little reason to doubt a
> migration theory.

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