Grantha characters

Peter J. Claus pclaus at HAYWIRE.CSUHAYWARD.EDU
Sat Jun 20 01:29:52 UTC 1998

Sorry for the confusion.  I was too hasty.  THe 'this' refers to the
explanation why Grantha was created.  It seemed to me the original
statemetnt made it seem as though writers of Tamil script had formed their
character set before they were familiar with Sanskrit and THEN, when they
did desire to write Sanskrit there was no existing alternative script and
so they created a new one (Grantha).  My confusion (ignorance) is with
regard to the historical relation between Grantha and Tamil scripts.

Peter Claus

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD wrote:

> It is difficult to know what the word "this"
> refers to in prof. Claus 's statement

> >> They have to use a different
> >> script because the tamil with a single letter for the first four
> >> letters of each varga (absence of some other letters also) is inadequate
> >> to transliterate sanskrit works.

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