Tampering with history

Sn. Subrahmanya sns at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Jun 19 20:24:14 UTC 1998

At 02:42 PM 6/19/98 GMT, you wrote:
>Excuse me, but the question is _Indo-European_ linguistic diversity
>in the _Indian subcontinent_.  That excludes Tocharian (the Tarim
>Basin is in Central Asia) and Brahui (Dravidian) [as well as
>Burushaski (isolate) and Nihali (isolate)].  This leaves just one
>Indo-European subgroup (Indo-Iranian: subdivided into Iranian,
>Nuristani (Kafiri), Dardic and Indo-Aryan).  Maybe two, if
>Pre-Bangani is for real.

All the languages mentioned are from areas under Indian influence
-linguistically and culturally.


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