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"Sn. Subrahmanya" <sns at IX.NETCOM.COM> wrote:

>This is very debatable. It is not right to say that India does not have
>linguistic diversity !!. The range of languages in India is mind boggling.
>Actually, the presence of Kentum traces in some of the Indian languages,
>that has been suggested by Zoller isnt much of a surprise to Indigenists.
>Also, it wouldnt be surprising at all if more Kentum traces are found in
>the Dardic, Kafir and other languages in N.India.
>From Tarim Basin to Baluchistan you find tremendous variety of languages -
>Tocharian, Dardic,so called "Kafir", Bangani, Brahui etc...

Excuse me, but the question is _Indo-European_ linguistic diversity
in the _Indian subcontinent_.  That excludes Tocharian (the Tarim
Basin is in Central Asia) and Brahui (Dravidian) [as well as
Burushaski (isolate) and Nihali (isolate)].  This leaves just one
Indo-European subgroup (Indo-Iranian: subdivided into Iranian,
Nuristani (Kafiri), Dardic and Indo-Aryan).  Maybe two, if
Pre-Bangani is for real.

Between Anatolia, Europe and Central Asia there are a dozen or so
Indo-European subgroups, the most basic split of all being that
between Anatolian (Hittite, Luwian, Lydian, etc.) and all the rest.

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