Grantha characters

Fri Jun 19 20:06:23 UTC 1998

Creating PC fonts for grantha characters will be great and must be done.
Many outside TN have told me that grantha characters are beautiful.

Here is B. Philip Jonsson <bpj at> writing in Indology on
16 may 97
"If you don't find any, I might give a shot at designing a Grantha font --
.. I've been dreaming of it ever since I read Bartolomei's Sanskrit
grammar in fascimile! :-) I for one don't think Devanagarai particularly
beautiful -- with the possible exception of the font Whitney used in
his grammar ..."

The "SaivAgamAs printed by the Pondichery Institute can be made available
in the grantha script. Sivachariyars in temples in S. India,
Sri Lanka, Malaysia, US ... have expressed this. Grantha is the
"saiva aagamas' native script as many aagamas were collected from their

N. Ganesan

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