Michael Rabe mrabe at ARTIC.EDU
Fri Jun 19 10:28:47 UTC 1998

Dear Ganesan,
        I was just thinking of you!  For several days I've been stumped
trying to recall where I read, way back when, about artisans from several
specific regions of India, at work for some South Indian king.  I thought
it might have been the Cilappatikaram, but couldn't find such a passage in
K.N Subramaniyam's _rendering_.  Can you help me out, or should I throw the
query out to the entire list?
        Glad to know my article's in good hands!

>Dear Michael,
>>From Chola period, Siddhars are depicted in sculpture with yoga paTTam.
>Some sculptures appear on the cover of english books on
>tamil siddhars.
>Enjoying your Artibus Asiae paper,
>N. Ganesan

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