Tampering with history

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>This has some relevance for recent discussion in this forum as the
>Cambridge History of India and the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan histories
>have rightly been deplored by some eminent ZiSTAs (although the
>recommended alternative is not without problems viz., Kulke-Rothemund
>with its  Kossinna-esque terminology like "Indo-Germans"). Well, you
>ain't seen nothin' yet! Wait for their new volumes on Indian history.

In defence of Kulke-Rothermund, it should perhaps be mentioned that the book
originally was written in German. Perversely or not, the Germans insist upon
calling the Indo-Europeans "Indo-Germanen". I therefore suspect that
"Indo-Germans" is translation error.

>I guess this would mean that Saraswati will now begin to overflow
>(with funds) and we may truthfully say naditame!

>On a lighter note, the impact of this on the dating of the RV will be
>immediate. It will be dated to ca. 10,000 BC at least.

Why not six million BC? It is really eternal, remember?

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