Tampering with history

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Thu Jun 18 20:27:19 UTC 1998

Lakshmi Srinivas writes:

>Well, this is not the first time. They tried doing that in 1977-80
toowhen they re-wrote the school history textbooks. Many school
teachersat that time agreed that the new textbooks, which now had a
pronouncedsaffron aspect, were nowhere near the old ones even in terms
ofproduction quality, leave alone in terms of presenting Indian history
as accepted by a majority of scholars.>>

My understanding is this that the *revised history* is already being
taught in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat(?), states that have been under the
Saffron Banner earlier on.

>On a lighter note, the impact of this on the dating of the RV will be
>immediate. It will be dated to ca. 10,000 BC at least.

S.N.subrahmanya talks about the lack of agreement among the
Invasion/Migration historians...by the same token, it must be pointed
out that the nationalist Historians cannot agree on anything either..
For the dating of the Veda we have dates from 4000 BC to 8000 BC, for
the occurence of the Kurukshetra battle, E.Vedavyas of Hyderabad
gives a date of 4500+  BC while shri subhash Kak of Baton rouge proposes
a similar date for composition of the Vedas( both based on astronomical
calculations!)...My only conclusion is that while Yagnas were being held
peacefully on the banks of the Sarasvati, a few hundred miles away in
Kurukshetra the Kauravas and Pandavas were at each other's
throats...talk about "War and Peace" huh!:-)

  Of course, my own favorite in all this is the proposal of one Dr Sathe
of Pune who claims that Shri Rama( i.e. of the ramayana) was born in
7000 BC...now, since orthodox believers say that his reign was for 10000
years, am I to understand that Shri Rama is still ruling?
If so where? It certainly can't be in Ayodhya since what is going on in
UP can hardly be called Ram Rajya....

 Bottom Line: If we point a finger at others, we are pointing three
other fingers at our own selves....


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