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Tue Jun 16 14:23:21 UTC 1998

Since you mention a (forthcoming?) book by E.G. Kahrs,
I figure it is not out of place to mention an article by E.G.Kahrs
due to appear this june in the journal "Histoire, Epistémologie, Langage"
(together with contributions by M. Deshpande, J. Bronkhorst,
P.-S. Filliozat, F. Zimmermann, & J.-L. Chevillard;)
[HEL, Tome XX, Fascicule 1, 1997; ISSN 0750-8069 ]

Kahrs's paper title is:
L'interprétation et la tradition indienne du Nirukta

This was his contribution to a "colloque"
organized in Paris in january 1995:
"Grammaires Indiennes: Théorie et Histoire"
[It was advertized on this list]

[Usual disclaimer: ....]

A 05:30 15/06/98 -0500,
vous (George Thompson <thompson at JLC.NET>) avez écrit :

>My questions to the list's Nirukta-ziSTas:
>1. How to explain the presence of *saras* at Naig. 1.11?
>2. Are there other RV [or other] passages that might better justify this
>inclusion that RV 7.103.7?
>3. Is this not typical of Nirukta, also well-known for its inconsistent,
>seemingly ad hoc etymologies?
>4. Can the Nirukta be legitimately used as a source for lexical glosses
>such as Dominique is seeking in this thread?
>[P.S. I understand the book _Indian Semantic Analysis_, by E Kahrs, may be
>available soon. Can anyone confirm this? Is this a translation of the book
>of Kahrs discussed a year or two ago on the list, or is it something new?].
>Thanks in advance,
>George Thompson

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