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Anthony P Stone stone_catend at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Jun 15 15:23:52 UTC 1998

On June 13, 1998, S Palaniappan wrote:

>My preference would be to stick with the transliteration scheme of the 
>Tamil Lexicon (which uses l_macr-b) for the following reasons.
> . . .
>2. Having two sub dots with r may lead to confusion between this letter 
>and the r_macr-b used in Tamil and Malayalam. In many books printed 
>in India when the printing is not very good the two dots merge into a 
>macron. I have encountered this many times.

This is an important point.   And confusion is possible in any country when
small type is used.

>3. Using "z" seems to be very arbitrary.
>So, my vote is for l_macr-b.

A problem with this is that macr-b is otherwise used only for alveolar
consonants, and is useful as an indicator for them. 

Tony Stone

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