method of dating RV, III

Tue Jun 9 11:01:23 UTC 1998

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998 George Thompson wrote:

>I assumed that I could take for granted this previously cited evidence for
>the lateness and the westness [Iranian-ness] of maNDala 8. And my
>suggestion re the term a'deva was meant as further support for this.

Focussing on method: don't you mean that the "previously cited evidence for the
lateness and the westness of maNDala 8" (for which, indeed, there is sufficient
evidence; not yet for its "Iranian-ness") could be taken as supportive for your
suggestion re the term a'deva (rather than the other way round)?

>This maNDala shows many signs of connection with Iran [Witzel, ibid],
>including "settlement at close range,
>as well as extensive trade relations between the various trives [Vedic and
>Iranian -- paranthesis added by me]..." [Witzel, p.323].

Significantly, in my view, the full sentence in Witzel's study in the Erdosy
volume reads:
"This indicates a settlement at close range, as well as extensive trade
relations between the various tribes, which were disturbed, nay severed, by
their migrations over various routes into Iran, Afghanistan and the Panjab."

a'deva specifically referring to Iranians with a Zarathustric religion?
The possibility has been established. But does this lead to a cluster of
mutually reinforcing positive probabilities (which is probably the highest
degree of success one can attain if one has to rely exclusively on rather one-
sided textual sources)? For instance, does the new suggestion give better
interpretations of a'deva at the numerous other occurrences in the RV? A quick
check did not convince me. But I will leave it now to others to give their
comments on your challenging suggestion.


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