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>>Michael Witzel's Development of Vedic canon
and Schools

>Could I get the full bibliographic details for this book, please?

Michael Witzel: "The Development of the Vedic Canon and its School: the social
and political milieu" In: Inside the Texts - Beyond the Texts: New Approaches
to the study of the Veda (Proceedings of Intern. Vedic Workshop, Harvard Univ.
1989), ed. by M. Witzel, (Harvard Oriental Series, Opera Minora, volume 2),
Cambridge 1997. ISBN 1-888 789-03-4.
[Book contains contributions by Brereton, Caillat, Cardona, Dandekar,
Elizarenkova, Fairservis, Falk, Fujii, Hock, Jamison, Klein, Minkowski,
Oguibenine, Parpola, Rau, H.-P. Schmidt, Soehnen, Watkins and Witzel.]

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