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>It is the history of harness that matters.

It may be of interest to discuss the technical terms which evolved in
relation to the domestication of the horse. For example:

wag rein, tether (Ka_s.mi_ri); va_ga rein, halter (Sindhi); valge a
bridle, a rein (Kannad.a) valga_ bridle (Sam.skr.tam) ba_g-d.ori
tether for horses (Biha_ri_) horse's bit, bridle (Tamil); kad.iya_n.a, kad.iva_n.a
bit, bridle (Kannad.a) cf. kad.d.iya_na_ to bite (Gondi) cf. ba_l.u
small knife attached to
cock's spur when fighting (Tulu)

pragraha bridle ; pragra_ha bridle, rein (Sam.skr.tam.) cf. pan:ga
state of being astride (Kannad.a)

It would appear that semant. valgati springs, leaps (Va_jasneyi
sam.hita_)X -va_l (in: karava_la sword) metallic bit, may explain the
choice of the folks of the times as they mounted the stallion.

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