"original" Buddhists -- Brahuis?

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>        As for their general FORM, Brahui "Cheda pillars" look very much like
>constructions called by Mongols and related peoples "oboo" or "obon" - and
>spread across vast territories in South Siberia, Mongolia and Tibet (mayby
>even wider in mountainous regions of Central Asia). In the same way as
>oboo are "neatly built of loose stones closely set in a cylindrical form"
>(Bellew). Oboos are smaller in height than chedas, they may reach 8-9, but
>as far as I now,  12 feet. They are erected usually on mountain passes (where
>travellers use to make some small offerings to them) and "on slight
eminence on
>the plain" (Bellew on "chedas") - hence probably an occasional meaning of
>a "tumulus", "burial mound" (in Buryat-Mongol and Kalmyck). But the original
>semantics of oboo seems to be connected with the cult of mountain-spirits.
>Their origin may probably be referred to the same Neolithic culture of
>Central Asian mountaineers which left in Sayan-Altai-Pamir-Hindukush mountain
>belt petroglyphs of a specific style (studied, in particular, by K.Jettmar).
>       But as for their FUNCTION (and some details of form, too), the
>certainly resemble stuupas, or, to be exact, the hypothetical proto-stuupas
>made of stones (cairn-like, as opposed to earthen memorial or burial
>constructions, like Vedic zmazaana or proto-stuupas excavated in the
>beginning of this century at Lauriya, Bihar).
>        The Brahui "chedas" can be explained, perhaps, as a result of the
>convergence of the two areal traditions: a Central Asian and a South Asian
>        Best wishes to all
>                                        Yaroslav Vassilkov

That would mean linking Brahuis (Dravidians) to the Central Asian cultures.
That's another interesting point that has been never much discussed here
(at least I can not remember) - the origin of Dravidians. I remember
reading somewhere (alas, I do not know where) the hypothesis of original
Dravidian homeland in Central Asia. Do venerable shi.s.tas have any opinion
on this?


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