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M. Witzel wrote:

At 10:21 03.06.98 -0400, you wrote:
>On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, George Thompson wrote:
>> >'method' in subjective disciplines (such as indology) tends to start
>> >with a 'model':

Ahemm... I don't think I said this (at least my outmail sais I didn't).
But correct me if I'm wrong.

>subjective? and models?  We may start out with models, but only to
>demolish them when better evidence presents itself. That is our job and
>the way science proceeds, by dialogue & dialectic progress.  Something not
>always understood.  For ex., when we had a long-term visitor from India
>some 15 years ago, he *accused* me that I had *changed* my mind about a
>problem, to which I replied: and I am proud of it...

But then, models aren't such a bad thing if we don't confuse reality with
the model we use to interpret it. We use models in everyday life when
handling the trivia of existence, and usually with excellent results.

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