Black Death

Simon John Haines lau96sjh at READING.AC.UK
Wed Jun 3 11:28:43 UTC 1998


Is it not the case, that some now believe the Black Death originated in
Northern India - and not China?
I'll try and find the reference and get back with it.


On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Mary Storm wrote:

> Greetings Indologists:
> Could anybody tell me if India experienced the Black Death ( 1347-1351)
> which so devastated Europe?
>  It seems the Black Death originated in China and travelled with the
> Golden Horde and affected areas in the Middle East and North Africa as
> well as Europe, but I have not found references to India.
> I am not having any luck finding info in places where I assume it should
> be, e.g. Ibn Battuta.
> Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks!!
> Mary Storm

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