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---Michael Witzel <witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU> wrote:
[snip]> That is our job and > the way science proceeds, by dialogue &
dialectic progress.  Something not
> always understood.  For ex., when we had a long-term visitor from
India > some 15 years ago, he *accused* me that I had *changed* my
mind about a > problem, to which I replied: and I am proud of it...
I am proud too that there are indologists who have the courage and
integrity to keep on open mind and re-visit the earlier hypotheses,
based on new 'data'. The progress we make in reaching the 'truth' will
be a lot faster if this method is used to restate the hypotheses in an
iterative exercise... There is, of course, the other problem of
'fairness'; this is perhaps related to a researcher's repertoire.
George Thompson has said it beautifully; if a discipline is alien, it
is better to keep silent. Something not always practised at times by

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