Black Death

Mary Storm umadevi at SFO.COM
Wed Jun 3 15:00:32 UTC 1998

jayabarathi wrote:

>                         This happened in 1345 A.D.
>                         The Black Death in a way altered the course of
>                 the history of Tamil Nadu. Saving it from Tughlaq's
>                 punitive invasion; secondly saving it from the
>                 cruellest tyrant who was committing calculated genocide
>                 of the Tamils; weakening the Madurai Sultanate,
>                 to be conquered by Kampana of Vijayanagar at a later date.
>                 Vide:
>                 1.History of Pandya Country by S.A.Q.Hussaini
>                 2.Foreign Notices of South India by K.A.Nilakanta Sastri
>                 Regards
>                 Jayabarathi


I am most grateful for your detailed help, typing all that out was
beyond the call of duty! I was (obviously!) not digging deeply enough,
or in the right areas of Ibn Battuta!! Thank you also for your further
It would seem that the Black Death must have had enormous impact on the
social structures of India, as it did in other parts of the world. So
much has been written about its ravages upon European society, I am
surprised so little notice has been taken in Indian history.

Best Regards,

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