Kannada vacanas

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Dear Dr Krishna,

The original Kannada text of the Vacana which you wanted to know is as follows:

"haavaaDiganuu muukoratiyuu
tanna magana maduvege shakunava nooDalu hoohaaga
idirallobba haavaaDiga muukoratiya kaNDu
shakuna hollemba cadurana noDaa
        tanna sati muukorati, tanna kaiyalli haavu,
        taanuu muukoreya.
        tanna bhinnavanariyade anyaranemba
        kunniyaneenembe kuuDala-sangama-deevaa?"

A revised translation by me:

A snake-charmer with his noseless wife
- A snake in his hand -
Went to find the horoscope for
        The marriage of their son,

        He saw coming from the opposite direction
Another snake-charmer with his wife - also noseless.
"Bad Omen, Bad Omen" he cried
And went running home!

Look at the foolish fellow !
        His own wife is noseless
        In his own hand, a snake,
        Himeself had a cut nose !

O Lord KuuDala Sangama,
        What shall I say of the cur
        Who, heedless of his own defects,
        Points to the faults of others ?

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Dr Shivamurthy,

   I am very grateful for your help and information with the thread
about basavEzvara....Can you please send me the kannaDa original for the
following verse by basavEzvara:

  "A snake charmer, snake in hand and his noseless wife
  went searching for omens in connection with their son's wedding
  In the opposite direction, they saw another snake charmer
snake in hand, and his noseless wife walk towards them..
 "Evil Omen!" "Evil Omen!" They shrieked and went running home
  The man had a snake in his hand, his own wofe had no nose,
  What can you say to a fool who looks at everybody's face
  except his own! O Lord of the meeting rivers!"

 I'm sorry that I can't give you the vacana number; I read it in
a trnalstion by Prof A.K.Ramanujan...

 Looking forward to your reply


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