The south Asian bombs

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 2 22:50:56 UTC 1998

Erik mahAzaya uvAca:

>>I think the problem is the angle. I think that no person with the
slightest amount of common sense is applauding the latest fireworks of
the party of Bombs Jabber and Poverty.>>

I would have to conclude that atleast 50% of the bhAratIya people are
bereft of sense then...There was a poll by REdiff( I think) that said
90% of the people supported what was what...

 <<Maybe many Indians see the atom bomb just as a new episode of one of
their great epics. >>

Seems to be a very western you know, it was Von
NEumann mahAzaya: who recalled zlOkas 11:13 and 11:32 from the BhG
after the explosion...

<<'in what way and to what extend does Indian mythology influence Indian
economics and politics?'>>

Please read "The arrow of the blue-skinned God" which alternates between
mythology and describing Indian politics in the 80s...In any case I
thought that economics and politics are influenced by the way the
problem is percieved, not on the basis of mythological arguments


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