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Tue Jun 2 10:11:16 UTC 1998


A fellow-instructor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago--someone
who has been practicing ashtangi-yoga far longer than Madonna, I might
add--is currently researching the iconography of yoga-straps in Indian art
and contemporary meditational practice.  Though I am able to direct him to
numerous visual occurences instances of the motif [from the North torana at
Sanchi to the 16th c.Caurapanchashika mss. illuminations] neither of us
have been able to locate any textual references to this accouterment.

Here is Monier-Williams's citation: yoga-paTTa[ka] (HarSa-carita, PadmaP):
m. the cloth thrown over the back and knees of a devotee during meditation.

And the obvious query: if any one can direct us to a chapter and verse in
either cited work, or elsewhere, we'd be much obliged.

Much Thanks,
Michael Rabe
Assoc. Prof. of Art History
Saint Xavier University
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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