The south Asian bombs

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---S Krishna <mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
[snip] request nettors not to discuss the > bomb(s), afterall it
degenarates into vitriol-spewing or passing > meaningless resolutions
a la the UNO after an iteration or two...
This mailing list may not be the appropriate forum, unless of course
someone says the stuff already existed in ancient times or used in the
great war!

Apart from the CNN bulletin board  or alt. groups, where people do
vent their feelings on this topic, is there a forum on the web to
discuss, professionally, political economy: say, the 'defense' issues
of energy security and nuclear strategies...? Or, is this 'use of
physics or defense economics' a taboo all over the web and by
definition, an 'emotional' subject? I couldn't find any on the
thousands of subjects listed in discussion or news groups. I would
appreciate help on this info.

Shouldn't the web have forums to expand the talk-shows hosted on many
TV channels (which normally include 'professional' spin-doctors)?


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