A question on brahmins as messengers

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Mon Jun 1 21:27:56 UTC 1998

>From:         Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan <Palaniappa at AOL.COM>

In the Indo-Aryan texts, is there any tradition of brahmins serving as
>messengers? If so, how old is it and how do they carry the message -
just orally or in writing? Thanks in advance for any information.

>S. Palaniappan

  I'm not sure of what you have in mind when you say "Indo-Aryan" texts,
but if you are refering to Samskrt texts in general, then there
is a story in the "vEtalapamchavimzatikA" where a Brahmin lad( from what
I remember of the story) helps his friend( a prince) court and marry a
princess by name padmAvatI. He is one of the messengers sent by the
prince, besides an old nurse who had looked after the princess.
AFAIK, the messages in this story are relayed by mouth.


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