Dana and Dakshina

Jayant Bapat Jayant.Bapat at SCI.MONASH.EDU.AU
Mon Jul 27 11:24:53 UTC 1998

IN answer to Christina Fritsch's question, I think the following are
the distinctions: Dana: This was (is) given by the kings and the
wealthy on auspicious days or on special occasions to deserving
Brahmins. It was meant to accrue 'Punya' for the donor 'Yajaman'.
Dakshina: This was(is) given to a brahmana for the performance of a
ritual at the request of the Yajamana.It is closest to an honororium
for the services provided. It is not however, a payment for regular
employment as it happens in the case of the temple priests and this
has been the main reason why temple priests have been looked down upon
by the brahmins who are happy to accept Dakshina but will not take a
regular job as a paid priest. Jayant Bapat
Dr. Jayant B. Bapat
Chemistry Dept.,Monash University,
Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

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