Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at UNICE.FR
Wed Jul 15 16:48:49 UTC 1998

Dear list-members,
        Reading the hymn to Soma RV 9.98, I observe:
- authors being IA kings: vArSAgiro 'mbarISo bhAradvAja RjizvA RSI
- precise dedication (zloka 10, part 1):
i'ndrAya soma pA'tave vRtraghne' pa'ri Sicyase |
- rare vAja-words (zloka 12, hymn's end):
ta'm sakhAyah puroru'cam yUya'm vaya'm ca sUra'yaH |
azyA'ma vA'jagandhyam sane'ma vA'japastyam ||
        I ask me if this hymn could be considered as written especially for
the occasion of a vAjapeya? How the zloka 12 is translated by experts?
PS: reading Macdonnell (VGS, p.128 or 132), I expected the accent of the
last optative must be sa'nema. Where I'm wrong?

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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