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Royce Wiles Royce.Wiles at ANU.EDU.AU
Tue Jul 14 00:52:10 UTC 1998

>Concerning -illa = -ika, I could not find this in Pischel 595 (where illa
>is discussed, partly as pleonastic, partly as = -vat/-mat). Could you direct
>me to a discussion of this, please?
>Jonathan SILK

I think Rolf H. Koch may have had in mind the discussion of -illa / -ila in
MIA  presented by L. A. Schwarzschild in the article below, the context
there is mainly as a suffix for contrastive adjectives and numerals:

'First' 'second' and 'third' in Middle Indo-Aryan JAOS (1962) 82 517-22.
esp. p. 517-18. (Reprint details below).

Schwarzschild says: "  ... in the majority of cases the suffix -illa shows
one of the main characteristics of being a 'slang' suffix: like -kka it is
substituted for the entire final of the word in which it appears ..."

A second conclusion a bit later:

"Everything thus points to a very early substitution of -illa for the
suffix -ima."

For a discussion of -kka see Schwarzschild's article:

Prakrit thakka 'tired' Indian linguistics 1 (1958) p. 317. (Reprint details

Both articles have been reprinted (with indexes) in:

Collected articles of L A Schwarzschild on Indo-Aryan 1953-1979 / compiled
by Royce Wiles. Canberra : Australian National University, 1991.ISBN: 0
7315 1220 0.
Price Australian $30.00 (which is not so much now the A$ continues to slide
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