many pancakes

Srini Pichumani srini_pichumani at MENTORG.COM
Mon Jul 13 22:15:13 UTC 1998

Talking of doocai/doose/uuttappam,  pancake/crepe, and all that,  I am
reminded of the menu,  circa 1984,  in Pasand (a popular Indian
in San Jose, California) which listed uuttappam as an available item
with the
helpful explanation "thick Indian creep" !!!


Robert J. Zydenbos wrote:

> "Dominique.Thillaud" <thillaud at UNICE.FR> wrote:
> >         I'm unable to find what could be the Sanskrit word(s) for
> > 'pancake', id est a thin disk-shaped bread/cake made by a movement
> > of rotation on a pan or in the hands.
> What comes closest to a pancake in my experience is a doose
> (Kannada) / doocai (Tamil). Roo.ti etc. is two dry, while a doose
> has something fluffy about it, like a pancake (i.e. the thicker
> variety of pancake; a French crepe or Dutch flensje is of course
> something different).
> But there are varieties of doose that resemble a crepe or flensje
> too: for instance, what in Mysore is called a "paper doose". So
> perhaps 'doose' is not such a bad choice after all.
> RZ

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