[Admin] Maximum size of INDOLOGY postings

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Mon Jul 13 15:18:51 UTC 1998

Just a general reminder:

The maximum recommended size for an INDOLOGY message is about 2k, i.e.,
about what you can write on a single computer screen.   This limit is
imposed partly as a matter of general good practice, but also because we
have several members -- especially in S. Asia -- who pay by the byte to
receive email data.  It is unfair on these members to post very large
messages, graphics files, etc.

If you have a very long message, graphics file, or whatever, which you
feel should be available to the membership, please contact me directly,
and we'll see whether it can be made available on the INDOLOGY web site,
instead of as email.

Thank you,
[Founder of the INDOLOGY list group]

Dr Dominik Wujastyk,                FAX:        +44 171 611 8545
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  the History of Medicine,          Email:      d.wujastyk at ucl.ac.uk
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