Help on an ancient indian stell with sanskrit inscription

Mariana Caixeiro naniji at MAIL.TELEPAC.PT
Mon Jul 13 13:35:11 UTC 1998

Dear Indologist

There are a couple of stones with inscriptions in sanskrit in Portugal. Two
of thwm were already decifered almost a century ago. At that period
historians were lookink for a stone that was spoused to be brought from the
temples of Elephanta. After knowing the contents of the inscriptions two of
the stells were excluded but recently it was discovered another one that
was upside down covering the grave of a Vice-King.
I am not a sanscristist neither an epigraphist, I am an anthropologist with
some knowledge of sanskrit and indian history and art. The Stella has three
friezes  with an inscription above that that depictes a sacrifice?
I just start to investigate what my knowledge alows and before to proceed I
would like to herar from some of you.
What is the kind of rock that it is used in the temples of Elefanta? have
you ever heard about a stone that was taken away during the Portuguese
invansions in XVI century in the zone of Salsete?

I am sending some images. The inscriptions in Sanskrit are hard to decifer
even on the original stone.

Thank for the help

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