many pancakes

Geeta Bharathan geeta at LIFE.BIO.SUNYSB.EDU
Mon Jul 13 12:57:19 UTC 1998

On Fri, 10 Jul 1998, Avinash Sathaye wrote:

> More about pancakes and other nice edibles!
> The apuupa is also mentioned in the and is basically Cream of Wheat mixed with
> brown sugar and deep fried in ghee. So not quite a pancake!

I believe that apuupa (Tamil appam) today is made from a rice dough that
is patted flat and deep-fried. Achaya mentions it in his book (name
escapes me, and BTW what does this group think of the book?). Does your
source say it is made of cream of wheat? Achaya mentions it i

Again, does your source have anythin on aappam, a pancake-like dish made
from rice-flour batter that contains fresh toddy for fermentation.? I am
most familiar with this as a dish from Kerala or southern Tamil Nadu.
Does Avinash's book have anything about this?

I'm curious about whether there is any substance to the theory that this
'pancake' was an introduction by the Portugese.


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